The Journey Begins

The journey started in west Island around spring 1992. We had three beautiful girls I was 39 yrs old,my wife was 34yrs old.   Was no fanatic but somewhat traditional, religious with a little faith. Had a little transport company and was doing fish and booze,since I got caught with the booze,so I fell in a desperate uproar of financial crisis.When I got caught with the booze,I was put in a room alone by myself and I said to God,Lord if You can make it that I leave here freely,I will do a penitence on my knees,from the bottom to top of St.Joseph’s Oratory,and of course God heard my prayer and I fulfilled my vows and I never even got charged.

I believe I was on the couch one day and there was a Portuguese program on,where a Portuguese Pastor,was sharing The Word of God, and was not the same that I’m used to ear every Sunday,it was diferent, The words he was sharing were alive and active,they put an hunger and a thirst in my heart, that I had to visit that place in Cote St.Luc,I believe  in Monkland Ave.After the first visit, I enjoyed the service so much,and the week after I believe I brought my wife and chidren.Of course little did I know that God was preparing my heart and giving me a purpose in life changing my ways completely from a religious person, to one who knows and lives by the Truth, for only The Truth can set you free and if the Truth sets you free you’ll be free indeed.

Just because I mentioned my children,Jenny,Tania and Melanie I have to mention  Fatima my wife and how we met. It was in 1975 in Portugal when I went on vacation,of course I had set it in my heart to hopefully cosidered the possibility of finding myself a wife with some specific qualities which was, beatiful,a servant’s heart and a working young lady,and after 40 yrs of marriage I can tell you,I chose exactly the qualities and charachter that I was looking for.

We got married in 1977 and because we had the priveledge of having a fish market,we had an extravagante wedding that at that time we were fortunate enough to enjoy a three course meal,with  no lack of lobster and shrimp and lots of other facinating  suckulant dishe, and deserts and of course right after the wedding to my wife’s surprise we went to Acapulco,Mexico for our honeymoon.

I’d like to tell you how we met,was a restaurant where she was the waitress at a town called Arcos de Valdevez,one of the reason I think its interesting is ,because really did not have time to courtship,I saw maybe a few times 5 or 6 went out maybe once and then I came to Canada and writing was the means of our comunication or courtship,meaning we really did not know each other before marriage which means our courtship started after we got married which I think its very interesting.

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.” — Izaak Walton


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